Skills Include:

  • regular cleanings
  • spring cleanings
  • deep cleanings
  • move ins
  • move outs
  • organizing
  • ninja high kicks

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Hi there! Here is a little bit about us!

Kat's Cleaning is a superior residential and commercial cleaning company serving the Salt Lake Valley. We offer professional, affordable and superb cleaning, provided by a hard working, honest and friendly team of cleaners. We believe in creating beauty out of chaos and that a clean home is a key ingredient for a less stressful life. Our cleaners have been expertly trained by the owner, Kat Martin, who has more than 17 years of experience. Our cleaners determine their own pace and work schedule all while receiving top market compensation in the field of professional housecleaning. We strive to make each employee feel valued and respected, and we promote a mentality of teamwork and unity. Cleaning is our passion, and we treat our clients and their homes with the same love and care as we would treat our own homes and our families. We, as a company, are happy to stand for high quality, experienced and honest house cleaning with a smile.


With 18 years experience, cleaning since she was 14,  Kat is an absolute ninja at cleaning. She and her family of cleaners has cleaned THOUSANDS of homes over almost 2 decades. There is nothing we haven't seen that we cannot tackle or champion. Kat is passionate about her company is very proud of her employees that she has carefully selected and expertly trained. 


We work to continually progress or knowledge of cleaning with our supplies we use and the skills we champion as house cleaners


It is extremely rare you will find a cleaning company that is run by an actual cleaner who has as much experience and know how as Kat. This isn't just a company she runs, this is her love and life's work. It evolved from a very small venture to a small business that she is extremely passionate about. She loves cleaning, she loves her clients and she loves her employees and works hard to ensure all three are top notch. 

Home & Office​ Cleaning in Salt Lake & San Diego

Kat's Cleaning

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