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Kat is always looking for new rockstars to add to her family of cleaners 

Most of our clients have called us their cleaner for several years and we are very careful about who we take on as a client as well as who we are willing to hire as a cleaner. It's important to us that everyone involved is happy and feels respected and appreciated by their cleaner/client relationship and of course by us. The way we do business is different than other companies. We charge by the job instead of by the hour. That way if you've had a lot of coffee, or what have you, and are buzzing around, you don't get punished for being quicker and more efficient. Likewise, if you are feeling tired and working slow, the client doesn't get punished by paying more. We have this down to a science and it really works better in our opinion. The minimum amount we charge for a small house or apartment is $50 and the employee receives 45% of that. After 6 months, based on performance, you will get a 5% raise to the full half cut of the profit. This is at least double of what any other cleaning company pays their employees. We have literally been made fun of by other cleaning companies for paying our employees such a high percentage. We do it because Kat knows from 16 years of cleaning, what hard work being a house cleaner is, and honestly believes good employees deserve good money. So you will get a $15 minimum per house and up to $100 for a regular client cleaning. A new client or move-in cleaning pays the employee $50 all the way up to $200+. The company's portion goes to providing all your supplies, covering insurance, bonding, payroll fee's, advertising and of course managing current and seeking out new clients. This is actually an excellent split and close to double of what most companies pay their cleaners. Even if you clean half as slow as the veterans of the team, you should still make around $15-$20 per hour. We are ready to start training immediately. Ideally, the owner, Kat, would clone herself but the next best thing is finding an employee who will be fit to join the Kat's Cleaning family. Send us an email with your resume and professional references in order to apply. You may also call with any questions to see if this would be a right fit for you. 

This is a part time position that will be a few places to a clean a week and then build to a full 3-4 work week schedule. We mostly only work Tuesdays,Wednesdays and Thursdays because it is the most ideal work week ever. 3 days on, 4 days off. We do work on Mondays and Fridays as needed, but mostly we find that working really hard 3 days a week, merits a much needed break for our bodies on the other 4 days. Hours are usually 9:00am-5:00pm. After your schedule is built up in a few months, Pay usually works out between $250-$500 a week depending on how much work you can handle. We need a rad individuals who would be able to take on one time, first time, move-outs and random cleanings and then move into regular clients as they accrue.


Additional Information
This job does not provide benefits. You also need your own vehicle for transport and the company does not provide compensation for gas and travel expenses. The clients are scheduled based on neighborhood as to make it convenient as possible for driving around to multiple houses. Experience not required but helpfully impressive. The company requires a mandatory 2-4 week paid training/trial period based on your efficiency and reliability etc. Please note that Interviews and training are held in South Salt Lake.

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